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Our mind governs the way we feel and the kind of decisions we make. Its biggest enemy is stress, the ultimate mind-killer.  Our mind functions best when we are Spiritually Sexy. Spiritually Sexy ensures a stress-free environment which guarantees the maximum potential for creative liberty.


Our body gives us physical individuality and allows us to interact with this world and with one another. It is gravity-bound and is subject to the terrestrial laws of nature. It is best protected by healthy diets and lifestyles.


Our soul is the eternal component of our three-dimensional existence. It anchors us to the universal life force.  Spiritually Sexy is the ultimate state of soulful enlightenment through an abundance of unconditional love.


The music of your soul resonates with your passion and instantly connects you with the positive memories of your life. It is the music of your imagination. It frees you from stress and liberates you from all negative thoughts and influences. The music of your soul  allows you to dream without limitation.

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Movement rescues our body against gravity and decay, and produces plenty of feel-good hormones, such as endorphins, serotonins, and dopamine, all necessary for our overall good health.
When movement of the body is accompanied by positive memories through the music of our soul, the best of our imagination and dreams are revitalized. This is the principle of Dance to the Music of Your Soul, and key for achieving the best of our life destinies.

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Meditation is the ability to consciously align one’s passionate desires with the subconscious mind of the universe. Focus on the desirable goal is the mainstay of meditation in Dance to the Music of Your Soul. Allow your imagination to soar to new heights in your meditative state. The quality of your dreams and visions in your enlightened level determines the the degree of your engagement with the collective consciousness.
With God in us, all things become possible.

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A Spiritually Sexy lifestyle presents an elevated way of living, filled with inner joy and love for one and all. It is a stress-free lifestyle benefitting from positive decision-making based on the highest state of mental and soulful energy. This lifestyle is rewarded by a harmoniously cooperative and fluid universe that welcomes manifestation of heartfelt dreams and visions. The Spiritually Sexy lifestyle employs Dance to the Music of Your Soul.
The motto for this way of living is be grateful, dream big, utilize your gifts, forgive, and love unconditionally. The best of the universe will follow.
The Spiritually Sexy lifestyle encompasses all walks of life. It is the panacea for all medical diseases, such as obesity, pre-diabetes, diabetes, and emotional disorders, such as depression and anxiety. It is the only sole and powerful remedy for our broken humanity suffering from hopelessness and despair.

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"reading her book  makes me feel happyer!"
Tony Clarcson
"Applying Omforia products on my skin makes me feel happyer!"
Tony Clarcson
"Applying Omforia products on my skin makes me feel happyer!"
Tony Clarcson
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Dance to the Music of Your Soul gets us to a place where we are SPIRITUALLY SEXY meaning, we’re connected to light and life source and able to celebrate the simple fact that we are more than just our physical bodies and that with God in us all things become possible.

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